It (Still) Happens Here

mar2014_triggerLast year, at the start of October, I sat down to a table in the dining hall and picked up the newly released issue of Frankly Speaking. Across the header in large font was an eye-catching title: “It Happens Here”. Along with many other students at Olin, I took in the account of rape and allowed it to permeate my thoughts for a few days. I participated in discussions, watched the mild aftermath, and soon fell back into a comfortable lull. I let the story quickly become a distant memory, unaware that soon I would experience an assault of my own.

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Video Game Trivia

videogametriviaA relatively successful, if obscure, SNES add-on was called the Satellaview. Released in 1995 in Japan, this add-on received data broadcasted by satellite.

The satellite that gave the system its name was provided by a satellite radio channel called St.Giga, which was known for its experimental setup, with 24/7 ambient music provided through subscriptions. The change to more commercial fare that the Satellaview brought was risky, but turned out to be financially a good move, as at its peak there were over 200,000 Satellaview subscribers. Data was broadcasted on a schedule, where certain programs could only be downloaded at certain times of day – akin to traditional radio or TV than an on-demand system.

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Green Space

greenSpaceThere has been a lot of talk recently about insects being the new sustainable source of protein, as they have a high nutritive value and a ubiquitous presence. However, there is another source of sustainable protein that is being produced daily and thrown away without a second thought. The human placenta, the organ that connects the fetus to the uterine wall, can be cooked, sliced, dehydrated, encapsulated into a pill, or frozen in small chunks that can be blended into a smoothie.

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Board of Trustees Meeting

CORe Update from the Finance & Facilities Committee

The Board of Trustees Finance and Facilities Committee meets quarterly with some members of Olin College to discuss the college’s finances and receive updates on facilities. I sat in on this quarter’s meeting and want to share the important topics with the rest of the student body.

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Argument Against Marriage

When Oklahoma proposed a bill to make all marriage illegal, I was beyond ecstatic. Granted, the reason for this bill was to ensure the LGBT community never got a chance to tie the knot without infringing on anyone’s rights. However, I was still ecstatic. Forget about same-sex marriage, I genuinely wanted it to happen. Why? Because in my mind, the concept of marriage is kind of a joke.

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CORe Updates

We received a lot of positive feedback on the newspapers in the dining hall and are continuing to provide them. Based on feedback, we are getting the New York Times as well as the Boston Globe.

Weight rooms
CORe and OSL teamed up to get a new set of weights for the EH gym. We now have a dumbbell set that goes up to 55lbs. Enjoy!

Speakers for team rooms in EH
We got a set of usb speakers for a team room in EH. Think this a good idea? Let us know and we’ll set up the rest of the team rooms.

Major kitchen rehaul coming up! After taking stock of the kitchens, we’ve decided that it’s time to replenish the supplies. We’ll be getting a lot of equipment based on the feedback from surveys.

In the next few weeks we’ll be replacing the old, very broken, and now disposed of ottomans in the pool room with better storage/seating/things you can stand on.

Voter Registration on Campus
CORe is working with nonprofit TurboVote to see if integrating a voter registration into an already existent Olin system makes sense.

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