CORe Updates

We received a lot of positive feedback on the newspapers in the dining hall and are continuing to provide them. Based on feedback, we are getting the New York Times as well as the Boston Globe.

Weight rooms
CORe and OSL teamed up to get a new set of weights for the EH gym. We now have a dumbbell set that goes up to 55lbs. Enjoy!

Speakers for team rooms in EH
We got a set of usb speakers for a team room in EH. Think this a good idea? Let us know and we’ll set up the rest of the team rooms.

Major kitchen rehaul coming up! After taking stock of the kitchens, we’ve decided that it’s time to replenish the supplies. We’ll be getting a lot of equipment based on the feedback from surveys.

In the next few weeks we’ll be replacing the old, very broken, and now disposed of ottomans in the pool room with better storage/seating/things you can stand on.

Voter Registration on Campus
CORe is working with nonprofit TurboVote to see if integrating a voter registration into an already existent Olin system makes sense.

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