Considering Olin College’s mascot, the Phoenix, it seems fitting that Frankly Speaking is actually Frankly Speaking 2.0. The original paper, started by a handful of students shortly after Olin’s formation, unfortunately, closed its doors in 2005, due to the difficulty of getting participation in a school of only 300 students.

Frankly Speaking 2.0 suffers from many of the same challenges, but, like Olin itself, overcomes these from a combination of flexibility (“issues are published in a range of sizes”), innovation (“writing content ourselves!”), and determination (“late nights and stubbornness”).

The paper is run entirely by students in order to foster communication between students, staff, faculty, the greater Olin community, and beyond. See this article for more about Frankly Speaking’s mission.

If you have an article, essay, photo, work of art, opinion, or just about anything else, feel free to send it to asadler@olin.edu (but please look over our Submit page first).

With your help, we have been consistently publishing since Fall 2010, and hope to be around for many more fantastic semesters!

Executive Editor,
Arwen Sadler (’22)

Former Editors in Chief
Mel Chua (’07)
Ryan E. Mitchell (’11)
Kelsey Breseman (’13)
Lyra Silverwolf (’15)
Jayce Chow (’18)
Sophia Nielsen (’20)
Erika A. Serna (’21)