Awesome or Important Skills

“If you could choose one skill to rock at, what would it be? Why?”

Communicating with people. Talking to people is hard. If you can communicate effectively, you can accomplish so much more and get people to work with you. Without this skill, you’ll constantly face opposition and frustration. – Anonymous

I think prototyping is an awesome ability, whether it be for ME, electrical or code. If you can push your prototypes past the early way-too-hack versions, then what you’re doing a bunch of rapid design and analysis projects, which is just super fun. – Anonymous

Emotionally and off the top of my head, I would say being good at Pok√©mon. I’m actually not very good, despite the fact that I love the series. So I would like it if my skill matched my attachment to the series.

From a more practical point of view, being known for being good at public speaking would probably be good for my desired career path. – Elizabeth Mahon

For next month: “What is one thing you think could be done to make Olin a better place?”

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