Honor Board MadLibs

Cases before the Honor Board are wide and varied. Topics range from personal differences and academic dishonesty to misuse of public materials. Above all, the Honor Board is a means for Olin Community members to work out their differences safely and confidentially. Find a friend and fill out the MadLibs in the paragraphs below to learn about a past case.

During _______(big annual event), a small group of_______ (type of person, plural) wanted to make some _______ (plural noun). The previous night, _______ (quantity) of the group involved in this incident had_______ (verb ending in “ed”) in the lounge because a fire alarm had been set off by _______ (plural noun) while they were making _______ (food/drink) in another room. In an effort to avoid setting off the room’s smoke alarm, the group decided they wanted to see if they could turn off the alarm. They examined the smoke alarm, and noticed a _____ (adjective) _______ (adjective) _______ (noun 1) on the smoke alarm head. After a brief discussion, _______ (name of a person 1) was chosen to _______ (verb) the _______ (noun 1) to see what would happen. When he pushed the button, the alarm in _______ (name of person 2)’s room immediately went off. _______ (name of a person 1) pushed the button again hoping to silence the alarm but that did not silence it. The_______ (profession 1) on call responded to the alarm and then called _______ (organization 1) to let them know that there was not in fact a real _______ (noun) in the room.

Because the alarm was not tripped by _______ (plural noun), _______ (organization 1) was able to silence and reset the alarm. The largest inconvenience was for those in the surrounding rooms, the _______ (profession 1) on call, and _______ (organization 1). The _______ (profession 1) on call and _______ (organization 1) were able to intervene before _______ (other organization) was notified.

This story was loosely based on an Honor Board case from Spring 2012 about tampering with the smoke detectors in the residence halls.

You can read the case abstract for this case titled “Do Something Abstract: Tampering With a Fire Alarm” and others at HonorBoard.Olin.Edu.

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