Green Space

greenSpaceThere has been a lot of talk recently about insects being the new sustainable source of protein, as they have a high nutritive value and a ubiquitous presence. However, there is another source of sustainable protein that is being produced daily and thrown away without a second thought. The human placenta, the organ that connects the fetus to the uterine wall, can be cooked, sliced, dehydrated, encapsulated into a pill, or frozen in small chunks that can be blended into a smoothie.

Analogous to a chicken egg, the placenta is a power pack intended to feed the fetus with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. When it’s cooked with onions, it tastes just like liver. It is a good substitute for chopped beef in lasagna or meatballs in spaghetti. It can be dehydrated and preserved for months as jerky. Chock full or iron and protein, the placenta is made by the body, for the body.

Though placentas are by no means a solution to world hunger, using them as a food source could be a step in the right direction. So forget about industrial agriculture, intensive farming, and insects; the placenta is the new way of life.

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