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Have you ever used a library Subject Guide? What are Subject Guides (also referred to as LibGuides), you ask?

Subject Guides are sets of web pages intended for research assistance and other useful resources compiled by us, your friendly librarians and student library workers! You may find Subject Guides for specific Olin courses or assignments, or, you will find them on general topics. Some subject guides are simply a more in depth explanation about our library resources.

A link to our Subject Guides can be found on our library homepage, (library.olin.edu) under Library Services & Collections.

Subject Guides can be searched in many ways; by subject, librarians or student workers (who created the pages), or even by tags.

From the Subject Guides homepage you can also sign up to receive alerts whenever new guides are published.

We hope you will take a moment to look at these pages and find them useful. If you wish we had a guide on a topic that is not listed, please let us know! We’ll do our best to create it. Email library@olin.edu with suggestions or feedback or, as always, stop by and see us.

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