Review: Forrest Newsletter

Early this month, I was in the dining hall and I was both surprised and pleased to find a publication called the “Forrest Newsletter” on my dining table. After poring through the well-written and informative newsletter, I was happy to know Olin students have access to publications such as these. Without high-quality, high-impact journalism such as that found in the Forrest Newsletter, I fear Olin will succumb to inferior sources of Forrest-related news and information. I’m glad the hard-hitting and informative articles found in the newsletter are available to the Olin community on a monthly basis. In fact, I wouldn’t say it is a stretch to compare the publishers of the Newsletter to Johannes Gutenberg, at least in terms of revolutionizing the dissemination of important information.

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Education Synergy – A Merger

On March 18th, while most of you were away, Babson College and Olin College signed an agreement detailing the acquisition of Olin College by Babson College. Under the new arrangement, Olin College’s official name will be the Olin Center for Engineering and Entrepreneurship [1].

Olin has had difficulty paying off the debt it acquired from the construction of an entire school[2]. To mitigate the damage endured by the fund, the full-tuition scholarship has been replaced with a half-tuition scholarship, and spending on post-its has dropped. Funds were so short last year, Olin leased parcel B out to the local delinquents to grow bud. Unfortunately, these efforts have not been enough.

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