Honor Board MadLibs

Cases before the Honor Board are wide and varied. Topics range from personal differences and academic dishonesty to misuse of public materials. Above all, the Honor Board is a means for Olin Community members to work out their differences safely and confidentially. Find a friend and fill out the MadLibs in the paragraphs below to learn about a past case.

A suspected violation report form was submitted to the Honor Board by a(n) ________ [noun] who felt that parking _________ [plural noun] in Lot B were not being ________ [past tense verb]. The reporter in this case felt that students who parked in Lot B for more than _____ [number] hours were disrespectful by not ________ [verb ending in –ing] the needs of students that use their ________ [plural noun] on a regular basis.
The _________ [adjective beginning with i] ________ [noun beginning with t] (IT) focused its attention on how the request for _______ [same number as before] hour parking was ________ [past tense verb] to students. The IT found that for several reasons, the ______ [same number] hour parking request was not to be regarded as a(n) ___________ [adjective] violation. In addition, the IT found _____ [number] different parking ________ [plural noun] circulating around the student body, which created __________ [noun] about the use of Lot B.
Because a(n) ________ [adjective] resolution could not be found, the IT decided to dismiss the case and referred it to _________ [organization]. Upon hearing about the problem, ________ [organization] decided to reinforce the first come, first served parking policy on all student parking for the remainder of the _______ [time span] because short-term parking in Lot B was _______ [adjective] and lacked broad community support.

This is loosely based on an Honor Board case from Spring 2006 about parking in Lot B. You can read the original case at honorboard.olin.edu, under “Abstracts.”

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