A Brief Guide to the Dolomites

So you are in Italy and want to go to The Dolomites. An ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS PLACE  where life becomes complete. Well then do I have just what you need. Follow me along this journey and we shall reach paradise.

In Octobere, dal 13th al 16th. Io e la mia amica Marta siamo andate alle Dolomiti. 

Prima ci siamo incontrati a Venezia. (Side note: prima di questo ho mangiato in un restaurante che si chiama ‘La Tana di Oberix’. Maammmaaaa mmiiiiaaa! I was really GOOD!!! I had the best shrimp tomato pasta in my entire life there. 🥰 Not only was the sauce fire but the pasta itself was a delightful discovery for me. I loved the size of the thick square yet tubular pasta. The size of the pasta really helped me enjoy the dish much more as it encouraged me to eat much slower. And good lord not only was it really good but it was really filling. After having this meal around 12pm I was set for the rest of the day. Although the fusion between a seafood sauce and tomato sauce is not quite traditional from what I have read this modernization is to die for. If i had to guess, the use of the butter really helped bring together the flavor of the tomatoes and the shrimp. The name of the dish was called ‘Paccheri pomodorini,mazzancolle, e burrata’ which translates to Paccheri pasta with cherry tomatoes, shrimps, and burrata cheese. This restaurant is actually located on the mainland in an area called Mestre which is right outside the Venezia Mestre train station which is the last stop before going into the famous touristy area of Venice with a train station called Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia.)

Pasta 1: Paccheri pomodorini,mazzancolle, e burrata. Best shrimp tomato pasta one can ask for.

(Also at this restaurant I also ate the Tiramisu al pistacchio which was pretty dense but good. Would recommend having some water with you. Now I remember better that after eating my lovely pasta I was essentially at full stomach capacity and having that tiramisu definitely put me over the top. I dont know if i would have gotten it if i have know that before i ordering it at the beginning of the meal but I am still happy I was able to experience it.) [hehe now we end this side note] 🙂

Dolci 1: Tiramisu al Pistacchio

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