Five Cool New Things in the Library


  1. Cardboard Study Carrel
    Venture down to the lower level of the library to check out our brand new study carrel made entirely of cardboard. We heard lots of feedback about replacing the carrels, and we heard you. Don’t worry, it is very sturdy.
  2. Sprout Computer
    This new computer, located on the main level near the printer, combines a touch-screen Windows computer with a 3D scanner and a projector.
  3. Tools on Display
    The tools that were formerly locked up in the lower level tool shelves are now on display on the main level. This means that you can stop by the library any time of day and check out any tool with the self checkout machine.
  4. Fiction Section
    All of the fiction from West Hall is now in its own section arranged by author’s last name in the lower level of the library.
  5. Owl Crayons
    Multi-color owl crayons. ‘Nuff said.
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