Editor in Chief Announced

Frankly Speaking has been an integral part of my Olin experience, and I cannot begin to express how much I will miss it when I leave. However, as I will be graduating in less than a month, I am pleased to announce that Gigi Chow ‘18 will be taking over my role as the sole editor-in-chief next year. The paper has not only seen a fifth year of existence, but it will also fearlessly enter its sixth year in the fall under Gigi’s careful guidance and leadership.

Gigi joined Frankly Speaking with a wealth of knowledge and experience from her high school newspaper, and she has been heavily involved in all aspects of our paper since she arrived here. During her four years of high school she held the positions of photo editor and website manager, before transitioning to be a co-editor-in-chief during her senior year. I am glad to leave the paper in her capable hands.

However, Frankly Speaking can’t survive on the editor-in-chief’s passion alone. The paper isn’t possible each month without the help of our editors, writers, and contributors. Gigi needs your help to keep Frankly Speaking running!

We have several seniors who work on the paper graduating this month, including myself (EIC, 2 years), Kai Austin (editor and website manager, 3 years), and our esteemed Video Game Trivia columnist, Elizabeth Mahon (columnist, 2 years). Many thanks to them for all of their hard work!

Here’s who we need:

Editor – reads, edits articles, helps with layout. Must be able to spell and edit.

Layout editor – uses InDesign to lay out paper. Must be willing to learn InDesign.

Website manager – keeps FS’s website up to date. Kai Austin revamped the website two years ago, but he needs a successor to upload new content each month.

Copy Editor – check the first print copy of Frankly Speaking for grammatical errors, typos, and layout faux pas.

Staff Illustrator – sometimes we have these awkward spaces and they have to be filled with drawings. Can you draw things at the drop of a hat? Be staff illustrator!

Contributor – the bread-and-butter of the paper. Everyone is a contributor! Submit articles to:

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