Welcome to Frankly Speaking

Welcome to the sixth volume of Frankly Speaking, Olin’s student-run, monthly newspaper.

The ongoing mission of Frankly Speaking is to foster communication between students, faculty, staff, the greater Olin community, and beyond, through publishing many types of content created by anyone with a desire to be printed.

This version of Frankly Speaking has been publishing monthly issues of the paper since Fall 2010, meaning that this is our fifth consecutive year of active publishing. Surviving more than four years is a major milestone for any Olin group since each person who resurrected Frankly Speaking four years ago has by now graduated and moved on.

I’m incredibly proud to be a part of such a momentous year for our tiny, yet tremendously powerful paper, but we need your help to continue publishing. First and foremost, a paper cannot be published without content, and we rely primarily on Olin students to submit articles, comics, and drawings each month. We’re looking for writing of any skill level on topics you are passionate about. The Frankly Speaking editors will help you refine your writing to a point where you are proud to see your classmates and friends reading your work on publication day.

Additionally, we need you to join Frankly Speaking. Positions are flexible, so if you have a new idea for a position or would just like to help, please reach out to me. We need enthusiastic, passionate students to fill the following rolls for this upcoming academic year:

Editor – reads, edits articles, helps with layout. Must be able to spell and edit.

Website manager – keeps FS’s website up to date.

Columnist – write about something or answer questions every month

Contributor – the bread-and-butter of the paper. Everyone is a contributor! Come to the first meeting with your article ideas or send them to: submit@franklyspeakingnews.com.

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