New Title IX Coordinator Can’t Wait to Meet Us Live and in Person

Justin Bell (he/him) is our new Title IX Coordinator and the Director of Non-Discrimination Initiatives. He is a shared resource between Olin and Wellesley, having a primary role in the conduct of both schools. Justin is also responsible for ensuring that our school acts in accordance with Federal NCAA rules. He is currently working remotely, but hopes to begin in-person work in the next few weeks. 

Justin began his career in college athletics with stints at Fairfield University, Northeastern, and the University of Hartford. He became interested in Olin through Wellesley, and was drawn to the campus atmosphere, attracted by the idea that students are listened to and treated as partners to the faculty and staff. During his application process, when he was told that students would also partake in the hiring decision, that only made him want to be a part of this community more.

Since starting work here, Justin has experienced proof of our school’s positive feedback and partnership culture.

One thing that Justin wants to convey here is that his office is not just meant to for filing or disputing complaints The Title IX and Non-Discrimination sector can be a place to learn and ask questions, and it is a place people can go to for resources or advice. In an ideal world, it should be a place where people aren’t afraid to seek guidance in any form.

As of this issue’s publication, Justin is most accessible via email at 

Keep an eye out for a new presence on campus in the coming weeks!

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