Overheard at Olin

– “It’s a little rude. It’s like asking someone how much money they make. Asking a vector for its components is a little rude.”
– “Cars don’t usually stop when they come near me.”
– “I would go make some popcorn if people weren’t getting murdered in my room.”
– “I got distracted by the word fucking in the middle of that sentence.”
– “It’s very hard to burn the internet.”
– “Mechanically, that gives me a rash.”
– “There is a perfect number of meth on the board, which is 0.”
– “I blame my family’s ridiculously high arches.”
– “I had a plan but I’m not finding much cardboard or motivation.”
– “We’ve been using mechanical engineering to kill people for thousands of years. You’ve only been using electrical engineering to kill people for about 200, and I’m being generous.”
– “I barely know pick-up lines in American.”
– “That’s what Thanksgiving is for. Watching people get their hair cut for hours on end.”
– “At least your parents didn’t turn your room into an opium den.”

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