Do Crazy Things, Get On A Bike

Hi Olin! I made it to San Francisco! It’s been a crazy ride, full of beautiful details and wonderful people. I thought I’d say a few things I think are important. First years, ask someone who the heck I am and if you should listen (they’ll prob. say no?). Anyways, Do less. The more things you say “no” to now, the more you say “yes” to awesome things later that you couldn’t have planned – and you won’t stress burn out senior year. Treat idleness like a vitamin, not a disease; we all need time to let our thoughts converge.Make your own major. I can’t stress that enough. You have an opportunity to make your own education – do it. Always consider the impact of your actions, and try to maximize the positive ones. That’s what gets you into politics, social justice, and stuff. And always keep seeking serendipity and adventure.



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