Service Updates at Olin

SERV Auction: Thank you Shane Skikne, Amanda Sutherland, Michael Searing & Jennifer Wei!
Thank you again to Emily and Doyung for being great MCs at the Live Auction! Also thank you to Dhash Shrivathsa, Lauren Gulland, Linnea Laux, Isaac Vandor, Nicole Rifkin, Mel Chua, Ari Chae, Facilities, IT and the Dining Hall for the behind the scenes work in supporting the SERV auction! Our Olin community raised $12,446 for Cradle to Crayons. Our donation will support low-income or homeless children in our Greater Boston Community receive the supplies they need to thrive.

eDisco: In addition to the Bottle Rocket Workshop this November, we had another storybook engineering with some of the professor’s kids. We partnered with a local elementary school in their “understanding different abilities” workshop, which gets local community members to talk about their level of ability and has the students work with them to design something that would better their lives (look out for another one of these coming in the spring!). We are also continuing our work with Schoffield elementary school in December by helping them prototype a new curriculum that we come up with in our weekly workshops.

The Daily Table: Organization led by Emily Yeh
Olin plans to start a volunteering partnership with Daily Table in Dorchester, MA! Daily Table is a non-profit organization, founded by Doug Rauch, Olin Trustee and former CEO of Trader Joe’s, that aims to provide delicious, wholesome and affordable food that competes with fast-food prices to keep the food affordable for all customers.

GO Bike Fixing: Led by Sam Meyers, Linnea Laux with GROW
Have you ever had to search for a working GO bike? Do you want to help fix them? The GO bikes got pretty damaged over the summer, so we’re holding an event to help fix them. We’ll be working from 2-5pm on Friday, December 4.

The Food Recovery Network: Led by Mackenzie Frackleton with GROW
The entire Food Recovery Network has recovered 1 million pounds! Olin’s chapter will continue to contribute by donating untouched food from the dining hall every two weeks. Please contact Isaac Vandor or Mackenzie to get involved.

Big Brother Big Sister College Campus Program: Olin and Babson College Max Wei and Justin Kunimune have started meet with their corresponding Littles about thrice a month on Saturday to participate in various activities together.

“Universal Access” Adaptive Biking Program: Led by Mary Martin as part of Sara Hendren’s Assistive Adaptive Work
Sara and Mary are helping with the proposal of a new adaptive biking program in Cambridge on Memorial Drive next summer to make “Riverbend Park” more accessible to people with disabilities who want to use adaptive biking gear and other “universal” wheeled mobility. The future volunteer program, which is likely to occur on eight consecutive Sunday afternoons from late May to mid-July, will connect people who couldn’t ride bikes on their own with volunteers who can assist, creating both a fun activity for the people involved and raising awareness about accessibility.

Hula Hoops for Reducing Achievement Gap:
Do you remember the Hula-Hoops you may have decorated with colored tape? With help from Alison Black, SERV has donated the hula hoops to the Reducing Achievement Gap Program at the Wilson Elementary School in Framingham! Supported by the Jewish Family Service of Metrowest, the Reducing Achievement Gap program serves “Framingham’s most economically and educationally distressed young school children and families” with a unique multi-tiered program.

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