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The Daily Table: Service Activity Leadership by Emily Yeh
Volunteer at the Daily Table in Dorchester! Daily Table is a nonprofit organization that makes affordable and healthy food available to people with low incomes. A group from Olin volunteers there every Saturday from 11am to 1pm – visit to sign-up! If you have any questions, please contact Emily Yeh.

Blood Drive: Ariana Olson
Olin had a successful Fall Blood Drive this October. We received 29 presenting donors, and a total of 30 units of blood donated (including 2 Double Red donations). The drive was facilitated with the help of 6 Olin student volunteers. Thank you to all of the donors and volunteers for their time. Because the Red Cross has been in urgent need of blood, every unit donated has a huge impact. Look out for news about the Spring Blood Drive, which will be held in April.

E-Disco: Lead by Jeremy Garcia, Daniel Daughtery, Kim Winter, Micaela Chiang
Lauren Pudvan
We have had our new member meeting and have been assisting in various events for the Women’s Open House and Family Weekend at Olin. We also assisted in teaching a group of low income students at Dassault Systemes.

Big Brother Big Sister College Campus Program:
Big Brothers Big Sisters finalized all new Matches this month, and Bigs and Littles are now meeting regularly on Saturday afternoons. There are not as many Oliners in the program this year, but because of new Babson Bigs, there are more Matches overall. In coming months, the program plans to have more structured activities in conjunction with Babson and Olin clubs and organizations.

The Food Recovery Network:Needs leadership from students who can commit during the Spring semester. FRN is on pause until a new leadership team can form. Contact Mackenzie Frackleton if you’re interested!

*The Food Project: Aaron Greiner, Gaby Clarke
The Food Project engages youth and works on food justice issues through running 70 acres of farm in the Greater Boston area and the North Shore. They work on advocacy, youth development, and much more. Their farms, which are largely run by youth and volunteers, produce food that is sold at affordable prices at places like farmers markets. They have volunteer opportunities at all of their farms throughout the week.

*Gique: Ashley Funk
Gique is a Boston-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization which exists to inspire and educate youth in STEAM. Through after-school programs and educational workshops, Gique builds a community full of the next great thinkers, leaders, & makers. Workshops through the afterschool program occur Wednesday evenings at the Boys and Girls Club of Dorchestor, and additional workshops take place throughout the semester.

*Charles River Center: Emma Price
The Charles River Center strives “to empower and support people with developmental disabilities by offering high-quality, individualized opportunities that foster independence and community inclusion.” They have after school, job placement, weekend, and after work programs as well as events (like 5Ks and Special Olympics) that can all benefit from additional volunteers! If you are looking for a fun and very rewarding volunteer service, I highly suggest it!

*Newton Food Pantry: Logan Sweet
Located in the basement of Newton City Hall, the Newton Food Pantry focuses on healthy, fresh food. By working with community gardens and local farms, they provide produce in addition to non-perishables. There are volunteer opportunities on Wednesdays in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

*Students are volunteering for these organizations as part of Sara Hendren’ and Deb Chachra’s Critical Designer, Activist Engineer Course

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