Do Crazy Things, Get On A Bike

Hi Olin! I made it to San Francisco! It’s been a crazy ride, full of beautiful details and wonderful people. I thought I’d say a few things I think are important. First years, ask someone who the heck I am and if you should listen (they’ll prob. say no?). Anyways, Do less. The more things you say “no” to now, the more you say “yes” to awesome things later that you couldn’t have planned – and you won’t stress burn out senior year. Treat idleness like a vitamin, not a disease; we all need time to let our thoughts converge.Make your own major. I can’t stress that enough. You have an opportunity to make your own education – do it. Always consider the impact of your actions, and try to maximize the positive ones. That’s what gets you into politics, social justice, and stuff. And always keep seeking serendipity and adventure.



GrOW’s Current Initiatives

greenSpaceGreen Space is for anyone who wants to contribute to or learn about green initiatives at Olin and the world.

Solar Updates

GrOW has been working with SunBug Solar, Boston Solar Company, and Borrego Solar to come up with a few options for a solar carport system in parking lot A. Boston Solar already has a rough proposal which can be viewed in the public GrOW folder under the name “Olin Proposal 1/10/14.” Boston Solar’s current design would only provide about 9% of Olin’s annual electrical consumption, but that’s not a very trivial number when you consider the $1,689,797 total savings and 10,019,154 lbs reduced greenhouse gas emissions over 20 years. We’ve been talking to them lately about improving the design and increasing the system output, so more updates on that next month! SunBug and Borrego aren’t as far in the process of making proposals. Both companies are still exchanging info with us, and are probably still a bit skeptical of GrOW’s sincerity in making the project happen. But let it be known that we are very sincere, and we intend for this to happen.

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“Dumb Ass Social Justice”

In late October, I sent a survey to the carpediem mailing list asking if people would be open to having Meatless Mondays at Olin. Part of one of the responses in particular has stuck with me:

“…Fuck being “progressive”. Fuck being “good for the planet”. I went to this school because I thought we were above dumb ass social justice greenpeace peta levels of bullshit. Apparently not.”
– Anonymous, 10/28/13 at 1:02 am

Quite frankly, this scares me.

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Green Space: November 2013

Green Space is for anyone who wants to contribute to or learn about green initiatives at Olin and the world. Want to submit an article about green initiatives? Please do! Want to learn how you can make a difference in your own life or at Olin? Easy! Want to learn about cool things people are doing at Olin (and elsewhere) to reduce our impact on the environment and improve sustainable technologies?

Dude, we got you covered. So please, read on and listen well, because, you know, this is your world too.

A better place
As a “Little Known Fact” from the last Frankly Speaking pointed out, it is very easy to get caught up in the Olin bubble in an alarming way. There is so much going on here at Olin that one can forget to pay attention to anything else, from current events to struggling with what we want to work for.

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GrOW’s Current Initiatives

By Gabrielle Ewall, David Pudlo, Ruby Spring

GrOW is reinvigorating itself this year. We’ve got some big ideas and projects that we’re going to push for, so we’re keeping you, the student body, informed as to what’s going on and how you can get involved. Below are updates on our current initiatives, if you have any questions, contact David Pudlo.

The Olin Secret Garden
Over the summer, a few students created the Olin Secret Garden in the middle of Parcel B! We’re experimenting, trying to learn what we can grow here in MA, and seeing what it takes to build a garden from the ground up. We’ve already had some successful harvest, basil, kale, and corn. Make sure to stop by and check it out, it’s near the trebuchet (and feel free to grab a bit of basil or kale!). In the future, we’re looking into wintering structures and a rainwater collection system, as well as (of course) more yummy plants! Go to to follow our progress.

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