What You Regret Not Doing

Last month, we proposed the question: What do regret not doing? The following are your answers.

I regret not going to a Comic Convention with all my friends in high school. And now I’m at college here, and they’re at colleges everywhere else. – Jennifer Anderson

Going to Brazil/Insper this semester. – Anonymous

I regret not getting to know my professors better – while I am friendly with most of them, I don’t think there’s that one professor I’ll be rushing to see when I come to visit Olin after I graduate. – A Senior

I regret nothing. – Anonymous Chloe

Study abroad! Do it, even if you don’t want to. – Anonymous

Be out publicly (as gay) in college. College is an important time for building relationships, and hiding this from people can really hinder relational growth. That doesn’t mean I can’t still make amazing friends here, though! :) – Anonymous

Breaking the six week rule as a first-year. – Anonymous

Next month we are changing things a bit. An open ended will be targeted at Faculty and Staff, to be published in the December 2014 issue. Stay tuned for an email to submit questions.

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