Awesome Honor Board MadLibs

Cases before the Honor Board are wide and varied. Topics range from personal differences and academic dishonesty to misuse of public materials. Above all, the Honor Board is a means for Olin Community members to work out their differences safely and confidentially.

Find a friend and fill out the MadLibs in the paragraphs below to learn about a past case.

______ (name 1) submitted an Honor Board report regarding three of his/her roommates’ messiness in the suite lounge. Problems included old ______ (noun) left in the refrigerator and ______ (object 1) left out in the suite lounge for several ______ (duration of time). At one point, a ______ (noun) was left out for several ______ (duration of time). The ______ (same noun) melted and started running onto the ______ (location) and ______ (common Oliner possession) in the lounge. Another incident happened before break when ______ (name 1) found perishable ______ (plural noun) that were not his, such as ______ (noun) and ______ (different noun), left in the refrigerator. Everyone else left for break, and the mess was left for ______ (name 1) to ______ (transitive verb).

______ (name 1) decided to submit a report after his/her roommates repeatedly ignored his/her ______ (plural noun, exclamation or sound) to clean up the lounge. The case came to the Honor Board after ______ (name 1) ______ (past verb) rooms. The roommates’ actions were cited as ______ (present verb) of the Respect for Others clause of the Honor Code. In a hearing, the roommates agreed with the facts ______ (name 1) presented including the ______ (object 1) and refrigerator incident. They never fully realized how much it made ______ (name 1) feel ______ (emotion). They also admitted that their actions did not respect ______ (name 1) and have since tried to remain neater.

______ (name 1) was not seeking a sanction so much as a ______ (noun) for future situations, and the accused also ______ (past verb) that ways of handling similar situations should be devised. In particular, ______ (name 1) was interested in building a list of associated ______ (plural noun) for room damages, which he felt would be ______ (adjective) for him and other students. The accused agreed that this would be ______ (same adjective) and worked with ______ (name 1) and facilities to develop a reimbursement sheet for students.

This MadLib was loosely based on an Honor Board case from Spring 2008 about suite cleanliness. You can read the entire abstract in the Honor Drive (\\fsvs01\StudentGroups\HonorBoard\Abstracts).

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