Honor Board Mad Libs

Cases before the Honor Board are wide and varied. They range from personal differences to academic dishonesty to misuse of public materials. Above all, the Honor Board is a place for Olin Community members to work out their differences safely and confidentially. Fill in the blanks below to create your own Honor Board case.

If your results are particularly amusing, feel free to send them to hbmadlibs@gmail.com for possible future publication.

Fighting fire with _____ (noun): Cooling off a ______ (adjective) situation

The Olin Fire Arts ______ (noun) has always been an ______(adjective)-filled organization, with ______(adjective) _____ (kitchenware), ______(adjective) ______ (exercise equipment) and ______(adjective) _____ (hawaiian food). Early in OFAC’s history, Olin’s safety _____ (profession) decided that ______ (noun)-breathing was too ____ (adjective) for our fair campus, and OFAC was asked to refrain from doing so while ____ (verb).

Donald, an experienced fire-______ (profession), thought after a semester that the administration’s ____ (emotion) had died down, and _____ (adverb) breathed ____ (noun) at a ______ (type of performance). An Olin staff member saw and confronted Donald, who said he was actually ______ (verb, present tense), which is easily confused with fire breathing.

Because of this, the continued existence of OFAC was in ______ (TV game show). To protect OFAC, Donald chose to _____ (body part) the blame personally, so he turned himself in to the Honor Board. Donald was _____ (verb, past tense) against future fire-breathing, then _____ (adverb) asked to write a _____ (noun) of apology to the staff member he had misled.

This is loosely based on a real case, in which a student broke the school’s ban on fire-breathing at an OFAC event and subsequently reported himself to the Honor Board. It raises issues about club versus individual responsibility and the communication of new school policies. You can see both the case and its conclusion at honorboard.olin.edu in the abstracts section.

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