Honor Board MadLibs

How Not To ________ (verb) Up a Meeting

_________ (name 1) and _________ (name 2) were working hard on a ____ (number)-person project for ___________ (Olin course), but they were having a few group dynamics problems. Some team members didn’t have their ________ (type of deliverable) done in time for meetings and missed class to ______ (verb). Shortly before a scheduled meeting, _______ (name 2) told the rest of the group that s/he couldn’t make it because of a _____ (noun) due in another class. But the next day, a teammate heard on the ______ (wall-climbing plant) that _______ (name 2) had been sighted playing ______ (noun) during the scheduled meeting time! Further investigation confirmed that there had been no class-related conflict. This teammate found himself/herself in quite the _____ (preserved vegetable).

In an interview with the Investigative Team, ________ (name 1) explained that the goal of ______ (travel verb, present tense) to the Honor Board was not to punish ________ (name 2), but to allow him/her to ______ (verb) upon his actions. She also noted that the _____ (animal) as a whole had not been functioning well, and no one had tried to initiate a discussion on _______(verb) team dynamics for the better. ________ (name 2) was charged with violating the Respect for Others and Integrity clauses of the Honor Code. During a ______ (type of gathering) with the Investigative Team, s/he accepted responsibility for the charges with a _______ (facial expression) and expressed ________ (emotion) for his actions.

As he accepted the responsibility, the students on the hearing panel went _____ (direction) to the sanction-setting phase and decided upon the following sanctions:
Write a(n) _______ (type of deliverable) of apology to ________ (name 1) addressing how his/her actions affected his/her group members.

The professor was asked to take the case into account in the ______ (noun) given for the assignment.
S/he was given a disciplinary ________ (noun), indicating that future violations could involve harsher sanctions.

Furthermore, the panel recommended that a meeting be held with the group members and a _______ (occupation) to discuss group dynamics, and how to ______ (verb) in the future.

(Based on “Lying to Group Members to Avoid a Meeting”)

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