Honor Board MadLibs

The Honor Board has a wide variety of cases brought before it. Topics range from personal differences to academic dishonesty to misuse of public materials. At Olin, the Honor Board is a means for community members to work out their differences in safety and confidentiality. In this article, you can invent your very own Honor-Code-violating case to bring to the Honor Board! Find a friend and fill out the Mad Libs in the paragraphs below. Scan and send your best ones to hbmadlibs@gmail.com for possible future publication!

A _____ (adjective) night.
One night, _____ (name) and _____ (name) _______ (verb, past tense) sneakily into the _____ (science class) lab and took some liquid nitrogen. They _____ (verb, past tense) like ghosts into the _______ (internal organ) of Parcel B. They thought it would be _____ (adjective) to set off a liquid nitrogen _____(noun), because they’d heard crazy stories from _____ (Olin community member). It turned out _______(adjective), flinging _____(noun) and ____(noun) all over the place. Of course, they had ____(noun) on for protection, as any good Oliner would (PSA: be safe!) Still, it made a loud ___(onomatopoeia).
Unfortunately, ____ (city) had recently experienced a _____ (event), and a gun was involved, so the ____(group of professionals) were on high alert. They heard the _____ (onomatopoeia) and ____(verb, past tense) with a fine-toothed ____(noun) through Parcel B, finding only ____ (noun) They reported a gunshot to ____ (Olin community member).
When camera footage showed students ____(verb, infinitive) through in Parcel B, the students ____ (verb, past tense) with the Honor Board about how to make the situation more ____ (adjective). In the end, they agreed to work with Olin to update lab policy and public safety to prevent something like this in the future.

This story was loosely based on an actual case wherein local police were very concerned about a possible gunshot heard in Parcel B and students both inappropriately used stockroom materials and failed to come forward and tell the police what had happened. You can read the case abstract and conclusion at HonorBoard.Olin.Edu.

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