Editor in Chief Announced

Frankly Speaking is proud to announce that the search for the replacement for Kelsey Breseman, current editor in chief, has been happily concluded this past Monday.

Breseman shocked more than a few staffers when she announced the appointment of Nick Tatar, a staff member with whom most students will be familiar through his involvement with the Office of Student Life.

“It was a big surprise.” said layout editor Abe Kim, “He hasn’t really written anything for the paper before so I didn’t know he was a candidate.” Kim was not the only one surprised by the announcement.

“I am overjoyed,” said Tatar when reached for comment, “Surprised, but excited. I can’t wait to lead the paper as it opens up a new chapter. I see us going in very exciting directions.”

The grueling search, which lasted throughout most of last semester, was conducted by a panel composed of administrators, staff-members, and students alike. Karen Smith, a first year student on the committee says, “We had to focus a lot on balancing what would be best for each of the stakeholders. In the end we decided that Nick Tatar was the best choice.”

Tatar is certainly a controversial candidate. “He was the most qualified by far,” says Breseman, who has fielded some criticism for her choice, “And his appointment has resulted in the most response. Frankly Speaking has always been about starting conversations.” When asked what role she played in choosing her replacement she said, “I was a part of the three interview rounds, but the ultimate decision was made by the EIC [editor in chief] search committee.”

Frankly Speaking is known, in part, for its independence. It is called Olin’s “unofficial, unaffiliated newspaper”, but some students are concerned that the appointment of a member of the college’s administration could jeopardize that freedom. “Sure, Frankly Speaking will be free as in cheap,” said one student who wished to remain anonymous, “But will it be free as in speech?”

Ross Norbury, a faculty member on the search committee, confided, “We would have liked for a student to take over leadership, but there just seemed to be more enthusiasm from OSL. We’ll just have to be open to the changes, I think.”

Only time can tell as Tatar takes his place at the head of Olin’s only newspaper. The school will be watching for his first issue as EIC, to be published in May, which will set the tone for his time at the head of Frankly Speaking.

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