Your Idea Here: Build Olin

By now, you’ve probably heard about Build Day. Maybe you’ve even been to a Pow-Wow ideation session. You can’t have missed the Big Bang, and maybe you joined a team. But maybe you aren’t quite sure what Build Day is, or how and why you should get involved leading up to May 3rd. In any case, strap yourself in and get ready for a thrilling exposé on the hottest thing since thermodynamics: Build Day!

Build Day, on May 3rd, is the culmination of a number of community-oriented semester-long projects. May 3rd has been reserved by the administration for the entire Olin community to work together on awesome projects: developed and implemented by teams of Olin students, faculty, and staff that will have a meaningful and lasting impact on our College.

Though Build Day culminates on May 3rd, it starts with your ideas and efforts right now. Every great idea needs a team and an “Idea Star” to make it a reality. The Idea Star is someone who will maintain an idea’s vision, work with Build Day liaisons to determine what resources are needed, and lead the team to ensure their idea is ready to be “built” on May 3rd.

You can be a part of big and lasting change at Olin. Some of your ideas may be great, but tough to implement on your own. Build Day will help you get the team, funding and resources you need to see them through! Share ideas and garner support at

If you want to help improve Olin but don’t have an idea of your own, find one you like at, and contact the idea star to see how you can get involved! Finally, come to Build Day on May 3rd and participate!

Build Day is an embodiment of what makes Olin, Olin. It exemplifies the power of our community and creativity. In contrast with events you’re glad that other people are participating in but wouldn’t go to yourself, Build Day is something that everyone on campus should be involved with, like an inward-facing Expo for community improvement. Get involved today! Check out or contact anyone who is involved (there are lots of us. You can be one too!) for more information.march2013_buildolin

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