Run for a Leadership Position

CORe, Honor Board and SERV are all having elections for important leadership roles, and you should run for a position! Step up and have a say in directing Olin next year. Help to shape the student experience and continue to improve Olin! Come to open “office hours” on Wednesday, April 2nd at lunch to talk with current leaders about why they love their positions and why you should run. If you’re at all interested in a position, talk to us, learn what the role would entail and RUN!

While they may sound daunting, all these positions are all extremely rewarding, and only take a couple of hours of work per week. Every student who holds a leadership role in these various organizations is proud of the direct impact his or her actions and opinions have on the Olin community.

Lately, some of these positions have been suffering from a lack of candidates, leading to uncontested elections. It isn’t for a lack of qualified students or even a lack of interest; many people assume that if a well suited candidate declares interest in a position, that role is sufficiently accounted for. The current elected officials all believe in the democratic process and the necessity of contested elections. If you are remotely interested in a position, let the community decide how to fill the roles.

There are several positions to run for in each organization:


The Council of Olin REpresentatives (CORe) needs a new President, Vice President, Master of Coin, Clubs and Organizations Chair, and SAC Chair. CORe is Olin’s student government, but true to Olin’s nature it has none of the stuffy and rigid connotations. It’s a dynamic group that responds to students’ needs, interfaces with administration and dispenses the student activities fee for new initiatives, infrastructure improvements, services to students, funding clubs and hosting fun activities. If you want to have a say in spending over $60,000 to enrich the Olin Experience, run for a CORe position! (Questions about CORe? Contact Larissa:

Honor Board

The Honor Board is electing a new Chair and Vice Chair and up to four general members. Members of the Honor Board bring the Honor Code to the students, relate world events to the Olin community, and handle honor code violations as they arise. The Honor Board amends our Honor Code to keep this document relevant and important. If you care about integrity, change, the welfare of Olin College, respect, and doing something, consider running for the Honor Board. (Questions about HB? Contact Alex:


SERV is electing a new Chair, Vice-Chair, Manager of Finances and Records, and three general Members. SERV’s role is to celebrate volunteerism and to bring interesting and exciting service opportunities to the Olin community. Next year, SERV is undergoing some major transformations, so you can have a big impact in defining the future of service at Olin. If you care about community and mindfulness, run for SERV! (Questions about SERV? Contact Ari:

For more details on each individual position, see the elections email sent out by CORe on April 1st, meet with the current leaders at lunch on April 2nd or email the contacts listed above! We hope to see you on the ballot!

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