Keep the Presses Running!

Have you ever been in the computer lab late at night near the end of the month? Come visit and you’ll see us. We’re huddled around the last three computers in the front right corner: a handful of students joking, arguing about horoscopes, and yelling bad article titles back and forth.

“How about ‘News From Around the World’?”
“Too long and boring.”
“‘Bet You Didn’t Know This Thing Happened’”
“Too vague.”
“Popping the Olin Bubble?”

Frankly Speaking is a labor of love. It was started by students, it’s read by students, and it’s kept alive because our small handful of students keep it that way.
Two semesters ago, Kelsey and I were both abroad, and the paper stopped printing.

That first month back, we scraped together articles. Through begging, determination, and creative use of comics, we managed to pull together one of the smallest issues of Frankly Speaking this school has ever seen.

Ten issues later, Frankly Speaking has become the cornerstone of discussion we’d always envisioned. Every time I hear someone suggest, “You should write a Frankly Speaking article about that.” I’m astonished and proud and fantastically happy that it’s finally not an editor suggesting it.

Frankly Speaking is an essential part of the discussion happening at Olin–we’ve talked about everything from politics and gender identity to school policies and rape. As editors, we’ve heard feedback from you: students, faculty, administrators, parents, and even random internet citizens. Where else in Olin do we have such a chance to start these community-wide discussions? We need Frankly Speaking, and Frankly Speaking needs you.

Before I became an editor for Frankly Speaking, I used to love reading the paper in the morning at breakfast. Now, I love watching the discussions it starts. Frankly Speaking is important, and it needs a new generation.

Kelsey and I are both looking for editors to take our places after we graduate this year. We boast three monthly columns, a staff of willing editors, and a school full of passionate students- all of whom need someone to organize them. Three semesters ago, Frankly Speaking lost one co-editor to graduation and the other to a leave of absence, and the presses stopped. Don’t let that happen again.

Contact us if you’re interested in training with us this semester.

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