Aries – Never forget to love Feet or kick yourself. xoxo. Your podiatrist is waiting on your call. xoxo. He will purr loudly. xoxo. Keep your paws clean. xoxo. Do not be afraid. xoxo. 🐈

Taurus – Cheetos won’t live forever. But you will live as long as the balance between church and state remains stable. *awkward!* You’re definitely mortal. Keep an eye out for the slippery fish in your life.

Gemini – He (domestic) squeezes with force until there’s no muffins left. Add flour until thiccc. Stir in chocolate to desired chalk. Serve hot with milk and LOVE!!! <3

Cancer – Wipe your shower with your desires. Cleaning spray is not the same. Squeegee the negative energy out of your life. Charge your soap in the moonlight.

Leo – Stay alive with all tables and children upright tonight. Take a left turn, and then a right one. Arrive at Hogwarts. What’s the secret house? We’ll let you decide. Text us your thoughts (LEOs ONLY: TBD)

Virgo – Begin with your vegan chives you pretentious little b****. I love you. Call me back. Dog is mad. Did not like your chives. Get basil. EAT FAST IT”S TIME TO GO

Libra – Think hard. Submerge yourself in the words of your elders. Take a trip. Lying won’t help you, boo. Crying will. Reject her. Sorry it didn’t work out. Better luck next time. I love your smile. 

Scorpio – Keep your dreams hidden from me. Share your startup ideas with the person to your left (yes, that one!). The doctor watches from Olin’s clock tower. Be strong.

Sagittarius – Sit down and relax your beans on the iron. Then be quiet. < laughing crying emoji > You’re being too quiet. Say something. Are you mad at me? Please just tell me what’s wrong. Your beans are burning–

Capricorn – Solution and mind will survive the century. Will you? We hope so. Sit on/at top of the 3rd table in the dining hall. You got this. Mortality relies on simple arithmetic. 2 + 2 = 2 2 tango. Have fun! If you can.

Aquarius – Be brave in long banana boats. The water can’t touch you if you don’t let it. The floor is lava. Oooh! Ouch! You’re burning! Burning hot, that is. Call me! Did you get your flu shot?

Pisces – Grow them until they’re flourishing and then cut ties. Use child-safe scissors. Safety first, when applicable. You will become huge on MySpace. Hey! That’s my space! Scoundrel!

May Compliments Corner

We have such an awesome community and I’m so glad that these compliments can highlight and celebrate that. Hope you enjoy! 

Hi Evan! Thank you for being such a wonderful person to lean on when I need someone to talk to. Thank you for always being supportive of me and letting me bounce my thoughts off of you. You’re such a good soul. I know you’ll go far :)

Hannah is a magical human who manages to cheer me up whenever I see her! This is true both in the everyday, and especially when I’m sad and need a shoulder to lean on. Thank you, Hannah.

Diego Alvarez is the first Oliner I ever met, and he made me feel, and still makes me feel, welcome and accepted at Olin. He can also spin fire like no tomorrow, and I will always aspire to that level of awesome.

Kyle Combes is such a gentle soul. He makes me feel loved and listened to, and continues to bring me joy whenever I see his face, even if it is over video chat and not in person.

Evan New-Schmidt is one of my favorite people. I think he really embodies what it means to be an Oliner: He is a very capable engineer, but also cares deeply about the community, always seems to have time for the wacky shenanigans that just scream ‘Olin’. He’s a super genuine and kind person and I find him very inspiring

Lucky is probably the strongest person that I know. He is the embodiment of work hard, play hard, and whenever things get tough, Lucky always steps up to the plate and doesn’t give up until the job is done, and I respect that so much

Rachel Won is a people person, and she’s just so passionate about… everything. Truly inspiring.

Kian, I cherish every REEEEEEEEE you’ve shared with me

Anna has such a great energy to her! Also 10/10 good barber

To my partner in all sorts of things: thank you for being you. You are incredible.

Anil is super hard-working, technically experienced, patient, and has been a great mentor and role model for me. Thanks for all you’ve done for me and the formula team <3

Has there ever been as smart and perceptive an Oliner as Ava?  I doubt it.

I cannot fathom how Caitrin does all the things she does, and at such a high level.  I want to be Caitrin when I grow up.

Mark Somerville is The Real Deal.  Seriously, people, I cannot fathom an Olin without him.  We are so, so lucky for his leadership.  (Never leave us, Mark!)

WAY TO GO Presidential Search team!  You ROCK!

Sharon Breitbart is the most unsung hero of Olin.  No one here appreciates her enough, but I DO!  Thank you for your amazingness, Sharon!

ERD?  Best of the best.

Carlos, thank you for being a fantastic friend, I appreciate you so much

No one knows what Lauren Taaffe does, but the whole college would fall apart without her.  Thank you, Lauren!!!

Sarah Spence Adams totally gets it.  All of it.

Thank you to Jon Adler for totally having our backs through all this messiness.  What would Olin be without you?!

Libby is a goddess nerd.

Rob and Jean – you have been so supportive of students during this time while still providing engaging class time. I always look forward to six microbes class <3

Prisha Sadhwani is such a kind-hearted and warm human, who’s always looking out for her friends, even mid-pandemic :)

Carlos, thank you for stepping up so hard when the class of ’22 needed you. I know you had all your own personal stresses to, and everything you did was way beyond the scope of the position you signed up for, but your energy never faltered, and you worked so selflessly hard, which I appreciate endlessly.

Erhardt, you inspire me every day. I think you’ve helped me find purpose and guidance and I’m so immensely grateful to you. I hope that I can be even a little bit like you!

William Derksen is very cute

Meg Ku – you impress me with all the crazy amazing things you accomplish, keep it up girl!

Micah has the best hair, always

Sam Daitzman, you bring me so much joy. Thanks for being my frienddd <3

Sam Young is an absolute legend

Who can? Emma Pan

Kristin I miss u so much <3 love you, even (and especially when) you’re being sassy

Jordan, thank you for all the free hug Fridays. You give the best hugs!

Dylan — your thoughtfulness and amazing ability to listen always makes me feel at home around you

Blake: you have a great sense of humor, and you always make me feel comfortable being who I am

Emma W, you’re such a wholesome kind of crazy!

Dhara: you have such a big heart I love you

AT, I’m so lucky that you are in my life!! I love how wacky you keep things and I love vegetable charades and worm-y karaoke! Can’t wait until we are back together in person!

Thank you to Olin administration for caring about everyone’s mental health as well as physical

Emily T. has been amazing as a MechSolids professor and I appreciate her daughter’s guest lectures

Katie Goldstein is such a bright and radiant person

I miss hanging out and laughing with George

Skye’s zoom backgrounds always make me laugh

Shreya. That’s it that’s the compliment no explanation needed

Jasmine never fails to make me laugh

Anusha absolutely killed it as SG president and we all love and have so much appreciation for her

I’m always so happy to see when Kristtiya sends a video to the class groupchat

Maya A. is a kind and passionate soul that inspires me

Anil is a dope MechSolids NINJA that I really appreciate

Shirin is a caring and loving person

Reid is a pun god

Anya is always super cheerful and makes me happy to be around

Meg Ku you’re such an amazing and kind hearted person! I’m so happy and honored to be your friend

Nathan W – your determination and hard work inspires me all of the time!

Elias you never fail to make others smile!

Lynn Stein – thank you for being such a guiding light for me and so many people in our community. I appreciate you endlessly!

Reid you’re such a wonderful soul, always caring for everyone with infinite patience 

annie chu – you’re honestly such a badass and an incredibly hard worker

Maal! You’re such a endlessly sweet person, and also just have such an amazing aesthetic please teach me

Thank you to everyone who wrote kind words to me about this and in the form. I appreciate you so much and my heart is so happy!! Thank you thank you thank you!

            — Maia

April Compliments Corner

Hello! Times have been super wacky and rough as of late for many of us, and I wanted to compile compliments from the community to bring some smiles to all of us who are physical distancing (with social closeness). Hope you enjoy! 

To submit compliments for next month, visit https://forms.gle/gm1VfwtUXseKDK4w7

Arwen, you’re such a cool person! You’re such a sweet human being and you’re such a style icon!!!

Utsav is someone I’d sit down and chill with any day 

Micah Reid is an amazing painter

Jessie Potter is the biggest sweet heart

I wish I was closer to Cali because she seems like such a fun person to hang out with 

Katie TT is adorable 

Casey M spreads so much kindness and positivity with everything he does! He truly brightens our community. 

Meg Ku: Thank you for being such a go getter and wonderful human, especially during the fauxmencement prep!

Katie B is beyond generous and truly cares for other people! She also has an amazing sense of humor. 

Ever is one of my favorite humans. He is so cheerful and really inspires me is so many ways! 

Rick Miller is incredible!!! I love the impact he’s made on the nature of the Olin community- I will miss having him as our President! 

I love Cassandra’s chipper and helpful attitude! 

Luis never fails to put a smile on my face with his INCREDIBLE sense of humor and his undeniable kindness. 

Riya is an incredible person! She does so much for other people, and always manages to have time to listen to you if you need it. 

Shreya, you are such a force to be reckoned with. I’m so glad I got to know you better this semester!

Mary you are so encouraging and compassionate!

Emma Pan, you are always so welcoming.

Andrew M, I appreciate your positivity and your drive to share happiness with all.

Sam D., thank you for always being an advocate and resource for our community. You are so loved.  

Dhara, you are kind, hilarious and wacky. I’m so glad we got to know each other more this semester and I am so excited have more great times! 

Annie, you are incredible and make my heart so happy all the time. I’m so grateful to be your friend 

To the entire Olin community: thank you for being supportive, funny, and generally wholesome!

Callan, Mckenzie, and Maggie are the most incredible people and put so much thought, love, and care into the library! It’s been amazing to see what the library has grown into with them, and I always love talking with them. They’re all so cool! 

Meg you are one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known!

To my faculty colleagues, who took less than 24 hours to frame opportunities (alongside the problems).  Your strength and optimism are contagious and appreciated.

To the guy who lived across the hall– you are caring, funny and awesome in so many ways. I miss seeing you all the time!

Thank you, second floor lounge, for being so tolerant of my excessive alcohol consumption

They know who I am

Anya, Anusha, and Alison are the backbone of Olin College

Hadleigh, you were so incredibly hard-working & patient as you not only folded so so many origami hats, but taught people too along the way, spreading the joy of the activity :) Thank you for being awesome!!

Jeff Goldenson, I’m really so sad to see you go :(  Thank you so much for all the wonderful wacky time in the Greenhouse you gave to us students, and through the highs and lows, always caring about all of us above anything else. 

Anusha! Your leadership has really been constantly inspiring to me, but you have really gone above and beyond to support the student body and be their advocate in these last few weeks. Thank you for being such a wonderful person, and continuing to work hard to help all of us, I know everyone really appreciates you.

Adva has such a kind spirit. Her speech at Fauxmencement made me sob. Thank you for being a part of our community, Adva. 

I find it so impressive how much Miranda reads. I just want to say thank you for your book review emails and that you’re awesome.

Riya, you’re such a sweet and caring person and I’m so lucky to have experienced so much of your kindness!

Meg you’re the best roommate ever!!!

Your Partner in Crime

Annie Tor, bless your soul. You’re so sweet and kind and make everyone around you smile.

Nathan you’re so awesome at flying planes

Colin Snow your bread is the world’s best 

the president search committee did a wonderful job and it seems like our president elect is well put together. definitely the person we need at the moment during all of this turbulence 

Amazing work by MarCom and IT on the Next President website!

Katie Gosbee, you are so awesome!

Olivia Seitelman, thank you for being such an amazing human being.

Meagan R. your the bestest writing ninja this semester!

Dunk man you play some mean jazz

To the faculty – thank you so so so much for making the transition to online learning as simple as possible. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to run a Olin class from Zoom and we really appreciate all the effort.

Class of ’22, thank you for making me smile :D

Kevin and Himanshu and the Dining Hall staff, we miss you so much!!! Thank you for all you’ve done for us.

Kate Mackowiak can make anyone laugh and feel completely at home when they are around her.

Simrun Mutha has an infectious laugh, brilliant smile, and killer dance moves.

Prisha Sadhwani is gorgeous inside and out, an amazing baker, and truly cares about her friends and family.

Nathan Faber gives the best hugs, and is a great unicycler.

Owen Dray is a kind human who always helps others but asks nothing in return.

Isabel Serrato has a kind soul and is hillarious on the sodium stage.



Caitlin Kantor is the best hype-woman around, and always makes everyone around her feel accepted.

Emily + the NINJAs have been amazing for MechSolids and they’ve made the transition to O(n)lin(e) a lot easier 

Shreya is just great as usual 

Jonathan, I don’t think you could begin to imagine how amazing you are and how glad I am that you are in my life. I’m constantly impressed by you and admire you so so much. Still not sure how you know the perfect things to say when I’m feeling down, but thanks for always being your thoughtful, genuine, wonderful self. 

Sam Young bringing back houseparty makes me happy. Love that chaotic energy

Julia Chomowicz is a great teammate and amazingly compassionate.

Katie Rollauer is an example of a staff member who cares deeply about the Olin community. I appreciate her kindness and openness.

Zhenya is hands-down the most thoughtful, loving, inspiring, and genuine human being I have had the honor of knowing. She cares so deeply for others and the love she shows for others inspires me to be more reflective and intentional as I go about each and every day. I hope to be even half the person she is one day.

Matt Brucker is such a stylish, sweet, sincere, and kind human being!

Student Affairs and Resources Team – there are now words for your amazingness!


HK Rho is a radiant, loving, strong, genuine, hilarious human being who lights up every room she is in.

David Freedman is one of the most sweet, thoughtful, genuine, and loving human beings I have ever known. I learn so much from his example and brings a special joy to every room he is in. He is a wonderful listener and cares so deeply about those around him.

Chris Lee (the student) is so genuine, hilarious, and passionate. He cares deeply for his friends through advice or laughter. He is a wonderful listener and an incredible friend. 

Kristtiya Guerra is such a wonderful human being who cares so deeply for her friends. She never fails to make those around her double over with laughter. She is sweet, sympathetic, and brave.

Richard Gao is one of the funniest and honest people I have known. He is gentle, sympathetic, and warm. He cares so much about those around him and is wonderful listener. 

Kyle Bertram is such a caring and genuine human being. She is a wonderful, kind role model for me who I admire greatly.

The Dining Hall staff makes me feel so loved while being so far from home. They feel like my family and I am so appreciative of their hard work. Olin wouldn’t be Olin without each and every one of them.

Riya Aggarwal cares so deeply for those around her and is a true friend. She is very sweet, thoughtful, and an amazing listener.

Adva is such a radiant, caring, lovely, beautiful inside and out human being. She is honest and hilarious and understanding without fail.

Jon Stolk is one of the most thoughtful, inspiring, and genuine people I have ever known. He is an amazing listener and cares so much for those around him. He brings joy to every room he is in and I learn so much from his example.

The class of 2022 is my forever family- and  I mean family in the deepest, truest sense. Thank you all for being so loving and unique and accepting me. I miss and love you all more and more every day. I can’t wait for the next 2 with y’all <3 

The POE 2019 teaching team brought so much joy and honest help and care to my life. Thank you for your love.

Sam Michalka is such a wonderful wonderful wonderful human being who I learn so much from every day. Sam cares so much for the human beings around them as an exceptional teacher. They shine a light in every room and are a true inspiration to me.

Katie Goldstein is such a genuine, caring person who really listens to those around her. She has helped teach me what really matters in life and how to be a better friend to everyone around me. She is radiant and beautiful inside and out.

Daniela Faas is such a wonderful, strong role model to me. She cares so deeply for those around her and is a wonderful human being and teacher.

Ben Ziemann is such a warm, gentle, passionate, and caring individual. I look up to his example and Olin will not be Olin without him.

Vicky McDermott- I can’t but smile just reading her name. I look up to Vicky so much and Olin won’t be Olin without her. There are so many words I can use to describe her: kind, hilarious, genuine, caring, warm, gentle, sweet, radiant, and beautiful inside and out. I spent a while trying to find a good quote to describe Vicky and liked Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote: “Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart”. You’ll be in my heart always, Vicky <3

Sophie Schaffer is such a warm, radiant, hilarious individual. She made me feel at home while so far from home and I will miss her so so much. 

Himanshu is such a caring, radiant individual. He makes everyone smile without fail and really cares when asking how someone is doing.  

Carlos Godinez is such a radiant, hilarious, and kind human being. He is a wonderful listener and never fails to make me smile on a tough day.

Olin students – this has been hard and you have been overwhelmingly amazing. Thank you and we look forward to seeing your faces again soon!

Rae-Anne & the StAR Team

Mason Grabowski has beautiful hair when he lets it loose!

Sam Kaplan has the best beard on campus, hands down. If you disagree, I still think it’s still high ranking. 

Your uncle SIBB

Julia Benton, you are sweet, hilarious and a total joy to be around! I love that you’re my friend!

marion madanguit is hilarious has an insanely good sense of direction while blindfolded!

Michael Remley is such a refreshing person to be around

Elias we love you as a ModSim NINJA!


Nathan Shuster has mad board game skillz

To everyone who wrote me kind things in the form and over email about this section (including the person who said “Don’t not publish this compliment just because it’s about you!”), thank you so much for your kind words. My heart is so unimaginably happy ❤️

– Maia