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Olin’s development into a more protest-literate culture could be really constructive move for us to participate in global climate discourse



I went to the Boston Climate Strike on Friday. I walked there, if that makes a difference. The walk over was pleasant, the commitment to going was a relief, like I was reordering my priorities. Personally, that’s what this was for me: a reordering of priorities, things to consider for my future. When I got to the gathering in front of Government Center, I teared up a little seeing the people gathered there, proudly displaying their posters.   In some ways, it was a little disappointing. Climate change is an issue that reaches every part of our global society, and is closely related to a large array of systemic issues and injustices. So it’s easy to redirect the conversation about climate change towards these other issues. But this can make the message unfocused, which makes it a lot harder to get the point across. People need to be on the same page, otherwise we find ourselves confused and lost as to what we are trying to achieve, particularly if we’re trying to achieve many things all at once (I saw a non-trivial number of “down with capitalism” posters. Maybe it’s consumerism that hurts us more? Or are the two inseparably linked? who knows. anyway,) Many things need to change, that’s for sure. But the task (in this case, legislation to curb climate change) gets monumentally harder to do in a focused manner the more we tack on to it.    And ultimately, meaningful change doesn’t happen through brute force and spiteful shaming and silencing of the people we disagree with. So maybe less of the vitriol towards people who haven’t gotten on board with the message, yeah? We need to rock the vote. We need to strengthen and broaden our communities. We can’t just go to these gatherings and post pictures on social media with our clever signs and call it a day. If the climate strike made you want to do more, good. If you feel like you’ve already done your part, it’s just the beginning. If you didn’t go, I encourage attending another event in the future. Even if you don’t like crowds, even if you don’t see a point, even if you don’t care, it’s something to experience, and we have the privilege and position to be a part of it.



The John Wick trilogy takes advantage of its simple plot structure to explore the motivations and intentions of its characters, as well as nuanced themes of good and evil, with a depth that is belied by its status as an “action-forward violent movie.”

-Connor Novak 


Single Ladies, but bluegrass.


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