Can of Worms

J is a good guy. When he sees some worms moving about, he ever so friendly approaches one and asks it, where did it come from and where is it heading. But then he is also the kind of guy who would ask a “sine” function what its value is at infinity and may ask a “Dirac-delta” what is its derivative. There is a good reason why I am fond of J. I also like M. I had always suspected that she moves about with boxes of worms in her pocket, and then one day she showed me an inch insect on her fingertips. She even gave it away to me. After a photo session with that celebrity; I returned it to a tree outside, it was a perfect rainy day for it to be out there. H thinks he knows all the earthworms in his yard and that he can make them dance to his tunes. True that I have seen some of them actually dance to his tunes, but he is yet to see the ones living deep underground in his yard and the ones that will metamorphous sooner or later. They are beautiful, complex, at times frightening and way more difficult to manage. I know, I have lived with worms since my infancy, I have eaten them for breakfast as a toddler. I don’t try to make them dance but I do dance with them sometimes. C if he tries, has capacity to understand worms but he is too busy building automobiles for them.
Not everyone is as much fun as J and M. Now take JD for example. JD is different, he would have nothing to do with cans of worms. SD is positively afraid of cans of worms, but if someone hands him an open can of worms, he deals with it with affection and care, that makes him quite adorable. AL seems uncertain about how she wants to manage cans of worms, I guess she will resolve it, I hope she does that in the favor of the worms. PA has a lot of interest in worms, what he needs is a good magnifying glass so that he can adore and admire them. Right now he just simulates them, which is not as beautiful as the real thing.
S directly comes from the worm country. They are some of her best friends. She would come to fist fights for them if need be. I love her spirit but also worry about her. W is a gentleman; he likes worms and likes people who like worms. Mi? Xie is sweet, I have often found xer playing with a worm or two. ​

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