“Hello World”

I’m not a programmer, this is just what all the programming courses I’ve ever taken have asked me to start off typing. Bad nerd humor aside, hello.

To the first years and visiting students, welcome to Olin. I’m sure you’ve heard that far too many times over the last week, but allow me to say it once more. And to everyone else, welcome back.

This is Frankly Speaking, Olin’s unofficial, student-run newspaper. Up until a few weeks ago, literally run by one student (hi, I’m Jayce). There’s nothing wrong with having one student do all the production; there aren’t any deliberations over differing opinions, meeting times don’t have to be rescheduled when someone can’t make it, etc. And thankfully, Sophia Nielsen has offered to help with the production this year.

HOWEVER, it would be absolutely wonderful if more people could get involved in the paper. I’m graduating in the Spring (and no, I will not be back for an additional semester next Fall, God willing), so even if Sophia is still wants to work on the paper, it would be nice to be able to distribute the workload.

If you have any interest in in editing articles, laying out the print edition, uploading content to the website, or printing, folding, and distributing, come talk to/email me. (We’re not a club and therefore don’t have a snack budget, but candy could hypothetically be provided).

In other, non-recruiting news, y’all should write and/or draw for Frankly Speaking.

We will print virtually anything. A full set of guidelines can be found on our website at franklyspeakingnews.com/submit, but the short and sweet version is that we accept articles, opinion pieces, comics, drawing, stories, etc.

We do ask that all submissions be thoughtful of and respectful toward the Olin community. Any attacks on identity, be they racial, gender/sexuality, political, mental or physical health, socioeconomic status (for example) may be considered hate (as opposed to free) speech, and may not be printed.

Final say of print lies with the editors.

One change to submissions this year is that we will typically NOT be accepting anonymous submissions.

If you’re going to share your opinion with the community, have the guts to attach your name to it. And if you don’t want to have your name published with your statement, maybe you should reevaluate how strongly you feel about that statement.

Now that we’ve gotten all that fun stuff out  of the way,  get involved with Frankly Speaking. It’s always cool to see your name in print, whether you submitted content or helped produce said content.


Patiently awaiting a flood of emails,




Edit (9/4/17): The statement was originally “One change to submissions this year is that we will NOT be accepting anonymous submissions.” This has been changed to be “typically NOT,” as we acknowledge that there may be situations where anonymity is necessary given the content of the article. 

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