Honor Board MadLibs

Cases before the Honor Board are wide and varied. Topics range from personal differences and academic dishonesty to misuse of public materials. Above all, the Honor Board is a means for Olin Community members to work out their differences safely and confidentially. Find a friend and fill out the MadLibs in the paragraphs below to learn about a past case.

______ (name 1), a student, was reported to the Honor Board for operating a/n ______ (adjective) Wireless Access Point (WAP) that interfered with the campus-wide wireless network and was ______ (adjective) by the campus Information Technology (IT) staff. The report was filed by ______ (name 2), a student, who had been ______ (verb ending in –ed) by the WAP. The Investigative Team determined that enough evidence was present to warrant a ______ (noun) before the Honor Board.

______ (name 1) was charged with violating the Code’s Respect for Others clause when he failed to ______ (verb) respect for the ______ ( organization) both when he operated an unauthorized wireless access point despite ____ (number) clear requests from IT not to do so and when, despite having set up his WAP due to ______ (plural noun) in the College’s wireless network, he failed to honor IT’s request that students contact them with ______ (plural noun) or ______ (plural noun) related to the campus wireless network.

The Panel then handed ______ (name 1) a copy of an e-mail sent to all ______ (nouns) by IT, and pointed out a line reading: “For those students that have ______ (plural nouns), I would urge you to remove those from the network, as they will have a/n ______ (adjective) impact on the network.” The Panel asked ______ (name 1) if he had read this e-mail prior to the hearing and to ______ (verb ending in –ing) his WAP. He responded that he had.
The Panel found ______ (name 1) ______ (adjective). They recommended as a sanction that he write a/n ______ (noun) of apology to appropriate members of the IT staff; and for his ______ (adjective) violations of the Honor Code, recommended that he be placed on Residence Probation. ______ (name 1) requested that an abstract be published as ______ (adjective) as possible.

This is loosely based on an Honor Board case from Fall 2003 about setting up Wireless Access Points on campus. You can read the original case at honorboard.olin.edu, under “Abstracts.”

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