Franzly Speaking, Issue 1

This is a brand new publication in which we discuss real issues, with one real person, to get you real answers.

FRANZLY SPEAKING: What are your plans for the future?


FS: Blue LEDs?

F.S.: Yeah, blue LEDs. I’m serious. If you want to make anything look futuristic spacey, all you have to do is add blue LEDs onto it. Blue LEDs are the future.

FS: Huh, okay. What would you say is your greatest weakness?

F.S.: Hmm, I might have to think about that one… At the moment, being unable to deal well with changes to the plan that I had.

FS: Cryptic. What are your opinions on Mafia?

F.S.: I think it’s interesting, but I don’t play it. I enjoy watching it, it’s amusing. But I don’t play it.

Tune in next issue, where we tackle even more of the important issues!

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