Clubs and Student Activities

“Why do you choose to participate in the clubs and student activities that you do?”

They’re fun. I learn a lot. They’re great for my resume.
Also, at this point, I’m a bit too invested in them to get out. – Anonymous

Olimprov spawned partially from selfish reasons. I have experience with miming, role play, voice impressions, etc. I was a bit famous for them when I was a kid. I lived my life according to predetermined conversations and predictable actions, and I could barely talk to people in person if I had not known them for years. Humor became a cover up for feeling socially awkward and nervous. But, in some ways, it was also a salvation. When I saw my friend doing improv, I knew it was something I wanted to and should do. And if you make a person’s day brighter with a joke or little bit of silliness, there is no better possible affirmation that you are doing something right. – Kai Austin

I participate in Open because as much as I believe in having a sense of identity developed through individual experiences and choices, I recognize the need for community. I was never openly gay in high school, so when I came out at Olin, I really sought a better sense of my identity. Open was my connection to the LGBTQ community within and outside of Olin. This really helped me to get out of my comfort zone, be more social, and make friends outside of Olin. – Colby Sato

At this point (junior year) I’ve narrowed it down to just a couple clubs that I really like and enjoy. For the student team that I’m on, it’s really a matter of loyalty, because the team is sometimes great and sometimes really difficult. I always come back to the team, because it’s such a strong experience that I’m invested in.
I am interested in the projects being worked on and I enjoy working with the people involved. – Anonymous

I participate in them because there are so many incredible opportunities at Olin to do things I’ve never had the chance to before–like building a robotic sailboat, spinning fire, or singing in an a cappella group. I personally participate in a ridiculous number of groups because I can almost never choose any single thing to concentrate on – everything at Olin is so cool! – Jennifer Anderson

For next month: “If you could choose one skill to rock at, what would it be? Why?”

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