Honor Board Madlibs

Cases before the Honor Board are wide and varied. Topics range from personal differences and academic dishonesty to misuse of public materials. Above all, the Honor Board is a means for Olin Community members to work out their differences safely and confidentially. Find a friend and fill out the MadLibs in the paragraphs below.

One _____ (adjective) evening, a/an _____ (authoritative figure) was wandering around the residence halls and heard a/an _____ (sound) coming from one of the _____ (plural noun). After _____ (verb ending in “ing”), they found ____ (name of cartoon character), _____ (name of sitcom character), and _____ (name of celebrity) consuming _____ (type of liquid). The incident was then _____ (past tense verb) to Olin’s _____ (type of room) of Student _____ (noun).
All of the _____ (plural noun) were _____ (past tense verb) with consumption of said liquid, and two of the students were also charged with possession. The _____ (group name) accepted responsibility for all _____ (plural noun) against them. The Honor Board did not need to hold a responsibility-finding hearing, and moved straight to a sanction-setting hearing.
The hearing panel _____ (past tense verb) everyone a _____ (adjective) _____ (noun). In addition, the students were _____ (adjective) to investigate and provide _____ (noun) on future _____ (noun) awareness programs that could be _____ (past tense verb) at Olin in the future.
This story was loosely based on the first Honor Board case to deal with underage alcohol consumption in the residence halls. You can read the case abstract titled “Social Possession and Consumption of Alcohol” at HonorBoard.Olin.Edu.

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