We’re in Decade Two. What does that mean? Olin’s not just about getting a good engineering education, it’s about changing education across the globe. As students, we can be part of that mission. We want to make sure you know what’s happening and how you can get it resolved!


Everybody feels overworked sometimes, and it’s important to remember that there’s more to life than classes! To that end, CORe has a few strategies for improving the work/life balance. Some ideas are academic-oriented: giving more feedback to teachers, getting more NINJAs and peer tutors where they’re needed, and having more study breaks. Another idea is using helping get people ‘out of the bubble.’ CORe will help plan off-campus events, give students more access to news, and reform GO bikes. We’ll even try to make Olin a little bit more colorful, trying to get music in the dining hall, art in the lounges, and finding creative ways to encourage students to play sports together and watch other students perform. There’s a million ideas in this space, and we’re really excited to see where it goes!

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