Under Utilized Resources

This month, Frankly Speaking posed the question “What is one resource available to Olin students that is massively under utilized?” to the student body of Olin.

IT Resources! Everything from stuweb (Olin-hosted webspace!), to the Cable TV in the dorms, to all the shares (like stufac or your network-wide private user folder. Check out \\fsvs01 sometime!). Judging by the amount of unclaimed print jobs I see daily, very few people do ‘secure printing’ on the Xeroxes. And see the software on Applications (ECEs, we have DipTrace!). Beyond all that, we have a fantastic network everywhere on campus with Gigabit, powered ethernet and a new, whole-campus wifi network. And the IT Helpdesk is open 8-6 on weekdays to help with almost any issue you may have. Check out it.olin.edu to see everything that you can do!
– Mitch Cieminski

I think the machine shop is underused. Don’t get me wrong, it gets used all the time by a select group of students; however, the majority of Olin students don’t spend much time machining things. It makes me sad to see just a few people getting trained on all of the machines, and yet so many don’t make it past the green machines.
– Anonymous

Not directly related to Olin, but useful transportation tips. Need something besides Go-Bikes and friend taxis?

There is a 59-bus connection in Needham (brief walk/bike ride) that connects to the Newton Highlands Green Line Station. If you are ever in a bind and cannot find someone to take you to Eliot during the day – try going there (cost is $2 or less).

On weekends for later times, you can use the Babson shuttle which goes to/from Woodland Green Line Station. Your Olin prox card serves as a free pass.

Other transportation options if you have cash to spare are Babson Zip-cars ($7 – $13 an hour), the Wellesley Commuter Rail Station (straight to central Boston and Red Line, $13.50 round trip), or Needham Commuter Rail Station (straight to central Boston and Red Line, $12 round trip). Bikes are allowed on the Commuter Rail.
– Anonymous

The Machine Shop. It is an incredible resource that we have practically full access to as students and relatively few take advantage of.
– Gaby Waldman-Fried

I feel like the really nice BigBelly Solar Trash Compactor (yay Olin!) that is outside the dining hall is really under-utlized, just because it’s in a spot where you very rarely have any trash.
– Jennifer Anderson

Next month’s question: “What qualities or characteristics make someone a great teammate?”

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