21 years of natural disaster after natural disaster

21 years of climate change denial

21 years of widespread poverty, food insecurity, and lack of access to basic needs

21 years of billionaires in the richest country in the world

21 years of mass shootings

21 years of “now is not the time”

21 years of endless death and torture caused by our country in the middle east

21 years of “protecting national security”

21 years of being told terrorists are coming to bomb us

21 years of bombing other countries

21 years of gay and trans people being seen as less

21 years of “you’re being too dramatic”

21 years of pervasive racism in every part of our society

21 years of already having the Civil Rights Act, what more do you want?

21 years of pervasive sexism in every part of our society

21 years of not needing the Equal Rights Amendment because women are already equal

21 years of controlling women’s bodies

21 years of “protecting lives” in a country with almost no safety net

21 years of not having the right to healthcare

21 years of “uninsured people are lazy”

21 years of being asked why I’m so jaded

21 years of America.


Roll Eyes.
Bite lip.
Shake head.
Purse lips.
Walk away.
Walk to the bathroom stall, first slowly, then faster and faster.
Run as if the bathroom is your savior, your only friend.
Open Stall Door. Slam.
Let the hot tears fight their way out, their fire burning their mark on your face, letting you know they were there.
Letting you know they had been trapped inside of you.
Letting you know they deserved to be felt.
Let the quenched scream escape, declare itself to the world.
Declare that you deserve to be heard.
You deserve to feel.
You deserve.