Selling Community Service

Twenty hour car rides allow for a wide range of conversations. It was during the moments when I wasn’t napping or being told in grueling detail about how much better Southern fast food is that I heard something remarkably disheartening. From someone I believe to be a person who cares about the community and helping others, I was told that if a person wanted to make a difference they wouldn’t go through SERV.

Isn’t that what SERV is supposed to do? The acronym of the organization is to support, encourage, and recognize volunteerism. Aspiring volunteers should find an open board which can give aid and support to these community well-wishers. When I mention that I’m doing an educational project with SERV, I earn a snort of derision from many people. When I was searching for people to run for the board, I received an uncomfortable silence and awkward excuses for why they absolutely could not do SERV. Shouting at people during lunches often results in people coming up to chat but avoiding signing up for events. The question I am left with is, where did it all break down?

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