God, Singleness and Lust?

A Response to “Arguments Against Marriage”

In Argument Against Marriage, the author effectively claims that the Bible teaches that singleness is superior to marriage. I would like to make a few clarifying points, with the disclaimer that there is a large diversity of interpretations of the Bible within Christendom and, while I may think mine is correct, I am human and subject to error. I cannot possibly represent the beliefs of all Christians on these matters. Additionally, I am Protestant, rather than Catholic, though I do not closely identify with any one denomination beyond being fairly conservative.

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What’s in the Olin Houses?

Olin has five buildings. No wait, six buildings, counting the project building. No wait, seven or eight counting those random houses out there… right?

Actually, Olin College is the proud owner of five houses on its campus, named Tesla, Edison, Curie, daVinci, and Curtis, bringing our building total up to 11… depending on how you count, of course. All of these houses were originally owned by Babson College, and came with Olin College’s land purchase. It seems strange that most Oliners (in the author’s experience) know little about what half of the buildings on campus are used for… so what does Olin do with them?

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