Service Activity Updates at Olin!

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The Daily Table: Service Activity Leadership by Emily Yeh
Olin has started a volunteering partnership with Daily Table in Dorchester! Daily Table is a nonprofit organization with a mission: to provide healthy foods at prices that compete with fast food chains to people with low incomes. If you’re interested in helping Daily Table in feeding the needy, contact Emily Yeh!

Youth CITIES: Led by Andrew Holmes
Youth CITIES is a non-profit organization in Cambridge that offers a platform for cultivating entrepreneurship and fostering tech/artistic/social innovation in middle and high school students from any school or town. This spring Youth CITIES is hosting a March-to-May Bootcamp on Saturdays from March 3rd to May 7th from 9am to Noon. Students will work with entrepreneurs to start a venture, figure out how it impacts our local community, and determine how to make it financially sustainable while driving change. If you are interested in volunteering to mentor students, please contact Andrew Holmes.

This month eDisco worked with a Needham cub scout troop, teaching them about robotics and leading robotics themed activities. A big thank you to all of the students who helped make this program run so smoothly! We’re planning a lot of cool program for this new semester and we would love to have more people help out. We’re still making a lot of changes to the club, so if you have any ideas we’ll be having a meeting and inviting the whole school, so please attend and help improve the club! Contact Mary Martin or join the eDisco mailing list if you are interested!

The Food Recovery Network: Led by Mackenzie Frackleton with GROW
The FNR is starting up recoveries for this year! Please contact Issac Vandor if you want to get involved! The earlier the better!
The FRN just finished up our New Chapter Flurry, so if you know someone at another college who wants to start a chapter, refer them to us and we can help!
The FRN national dialogue, a conference on food recovery and sustainability, is from April 2nd – 4th in Maryland. Olin’s FRN is still accepting people interested in attending. Please contact Mackenzie Frackleton for details.

Big Brother Big Sister College Campus Program: Olin and Babson College
BBBS had a winter party before winter break, where Max Wei, Justin Kunimune and their Littles met up with all the other BBBS matches in the Greater Boston Area. There was pizza, a rock wall, a raffle, etc. They are still having their periodic outings with their Littles and other Babson Matches. Their first outing of the year was a potluck!

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