The Literal Olin Story

tl;dr: Help write a multi-auto-biography memoir of life as an Olin student

When I was at the Boston Book fair (which you should all go to next year), I was talking with an author about Olin and she suggested I do what most writers suggest people do: write about it. But with all the current discussion of diversity, “what is the typical Oliner,” and my poor memory in general, I thought – why should it just be my point of view? A lot of things at Olin are made by students for students, collaboration which has led to things like the renovation of the library, Build Day, Frankly Speaking, the Foundry, REVO, etc. Why not an “auto-biography” of a “typical” Oliner?
How I am currently imaging the book plays out is something like the movie “Life in a Day.” If you have not seen this movie, we will never be friends. The book though will be a mix of different types of writings in a diary/scrapbook feel over the course of a year. They could be straight up “what I did today” journal entries. They could be rants and thoughts about important issues to you. They could be to-do lists, facebook posts, reflections you submitted to OIE, Frankly Speaking articles, etc. They can be almost anything.
Right now I am mostly looking for a gauge of interest. Would you be interested in writing? Do you have submission ideas? Would you be willing to help put this book together? If you are at all interested in being part of this (historical) project, have question or concerns, etc. contact me via email (, my alumni email (, facebook, or slack (@kai).

Rules, FAQ, and other random thoughts as to the structure of the book are listed here:

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