Dining Hall: Did You Know?

Here are a few things you may not know about the cafeteria:

You can ask for gluten free bread. Or just don’t want bread with your grilled chicken sandwich? Just ask for the chicken.

Don’t like everything on the plated meal? Just ask for part of it.

You can use the kitchen facilities in the cafeteria. A long time ago the Midnight Bakery Operation used the kitchen facilities to bake massive amounts of goodies. Just coordinate with Dave. Also, throwing a student event? Ask the cafeteria to special order stuff (Meat Club ordered a WHOLE PIG last year).

Leaving campus early for soccer or frisbee or debate club? Ask for breakfast or lunch to go from the cafeteria.

Olin composts! All post consumer food is composted through a third party service. So don’t throw your leftover food in the trash.

You get 10 guest swipes per semester! Bring your friends!

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