Editor in Chief Announced

New Editor-in-Cheif: LyraFor real this time! I hope you enjoyed our April 1st article last month, introducing Nick Tatar as Editor in Chief.

Although we at Frankly Speaking appreciate Tatar’s good humor in nodding along to last month’s April Fool’s Day article falsely instating him to the role of Editor in Chief, Frankly Speaking remains unofficial, unaffiliated, and quintessentially student-run.

As I will be graduating in less than a month, I am very pleased to announce that Lyra Silverwolf will be taking over my role as editor in chief starting this September.

Lyra has been project manager of Olin Robotic Sailing Team for this past year, so she brings a lot of leadership and management experience to the team (see her article “Why Do Our Leaders Lead?” in this month’s issue on what motivates team leaders). She has been an avid reader of Frankly Speaking throughout her time at Olin, and is excited to take on the role.

Though I am sad to leave the paper, I am glad to leave it in her good hands.

However, Frankly Speaking’s search hasn’t ended yet. The paper isn’t possible each month without the help of our editors, writers, and contributors. Lyra needs your help to keep Frankly Speaking running!

We have several seniors who work on the paper graduating this month, including myself (editor, 1year; EIC, 2 years), Kendall Pletcher (editor, 2 years), and our esteemed Duchess of Deportment (columnist, 1 year). Many thanks to them for all of their hard work!

Here’s who we need:

Editor – reads, edits articles, helps with layout. Must be able to spell and edit.

Layout editor – uses InDesign to lay out paper. Must be willing to learn InDesign.

Website manager – keeps FS’s website up to date. Kai Austin will be re-vamping the website this summer if anyone would like to join him.

Business manager – FS sells ad space and sometimes gets emails about it! Respond to ad requests and ask local businesses to sponsor FS with food!

Staff Illustrator – sometimes we have these awkward spaces and they have to be filled with drawings. Can you draw things at the drop of a hat? Be staff illustrator!

Contributor – the bread-and-butter of the paper. Everyone is a contributor! Submit articles to:

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