Highlights from Doctor Horrible

Congratulations to the cast, crew, and pit of Dr. Horrible for a stellar show. Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, directed by Ilana Walder-Biesanz, was so compelling that some members of the audience came to watch twice!

The stage paid good tribute to the geek-popularity of the original online production. Audience members’ favorite lines include “Did you notice that he threw you in the garbage?” and “Sometimes there’s a third, deeper level, just like the one on the surface. Like pie.” However, this production also brought extra depth to characters, as only live theater can. Brian Liebeson, in his endearingly awkward role as sidekick Moist, tap-danced and flipped around the stage during his plot-incidental but entertaining solo “Nobody Wants to be Moist”, borrowed from “Commentary: The Musical”, and his specific performance changed a bit every night.

Myles Cooper embodied the character of Dr. Horrible, in all his sweet sociopathy. He really committed to the character: his inability to talk to the girl of his dreams was endearing, and his hardening character was apparent through the three acts. Visually compelling in his hand-sewn laboratory coat and vocally impressive throughout the show, Myles was everything a Doctor Horrible fan could ask for.

Chelsea Bailey portrayed Penny as sweet and sympathetic, if highly naive. Her emotional struggle between Captain Hammer and Doctor Horrible was very clear. Her awareness of Doctor Horrible as love interest, stalker, and villain were clearer in Chelsea’s performance than in the original performance by Felicia Day.

Meanwhile, Tom Pandolfo as Captain Hammer abandoned all modicum of class and fully embodied a clueless, entitled, antagonistic hero.

The singing was excellent, and Myles stood out for his ability to rock songs of all different styles. The Chelsea / Myles duet “My Eyes” was particularly good, as was “Brand New Day”.

Doctor Horrible was impressive and entertaining. Good show!

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