Welcome from Frankly Speaking News

Welcome back, from Frankly Speaking—Olin’s unofficial, unaffiliated, student-run newspaper!

Olin is a school of rebirth. Clubs, events, and traditions all live and die with each new year. Clubs you’ve never heard of were big a few years ago and events you’d never think of will be held next year. The impermanence is freeing, but also requires that each year play an active part in Olin culture.

I’ve often heard people joke that Olin is one big family, and regardless of actual bloodlines, we’re all related. We’re friends, significant others, classmates, buddies, rivals, and even family. And, as in any relationship, communication is vital at Olin. Communication keeps our culture vibrant, our discussions healthy, and, most importantly, our voices heard. Frankly Speaking was re-started two years ago by Ryan Mitchell (’11) for the express purpose of bringing life to the dialogue between students, faculty, staff, the administration, and trustees that had long been neglected. Frankly Speaking is not affiliated with the school so we have unparalleled freedoms. Do you have a problem that needs addressing? An ethical concern? A funny story? A poem? We’ll publish it. Join in the dialogue and look for Frankly Speaking on the first of each month!

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