Ripped from the Headlines: May Edition

4/1 Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy declared it had easily won the by-elections in Myanmar. This was supported by a later official announcement.

4/2 A 43-year-old former student of Oikos University in Oakland, CA, goes on a shooting rampage at the college, killing seven people.

4/3 General Services Administration chief Martha Johnson quit after it emerged $820,000 was spent on a training conference near Las Vegas.

4/4 The Chilean Supreme Court ruled in favor of building a dam in the Patagonian wilderness. The project still needs government approval.

4/5 Scientists released research indicating that the resistance to the front-line treatments for malaria is increasing.

4/6 Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, a human rights activist in Bahrain, was moved to a hospital clinic after a 58-day hunger strike.

4/7 Joyce Banda because southern Africa’s first female head of state after being sworn in as Malawi’s President upon the death of Bingu wa Mutharika.

4/8 Thirty-eight people died in a car bombing in the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna.

4/9 South Korea’s police chief resigned after a woman was raped a murdered despite calling the police for help and telling them where she was.

4/10 Rick Santorum ends his bid for the White House.

4/11 George Zimmerman, the man who shot the unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, was arrested and charged with murder.

4/12 A shaky ceasefire went into effect in Syria.

4/13 North Korea confirms the failure of their attempted rocket launch on the twelth of April.

4/14 South Sudan accused Sudan of launching bombing raids on its territory, specifically the capital city of Bentiu and in the oil-producing Heglig region.

4/15 100-year anniversary of the Titanic sinking. People celebrated the death of more than 1500 people by watching Titanic in 3D.

4/16 Allegations were made that Secret Service agents and military personnel hired prostitutes while in Colombia.

4/17 The Popocatepetl volcano outside of Mexico City began spewing ash and steam, causing the National Disaster Prevention Centre to raise the alert level.

4/18 A kindergartner in Missouri was denied a bathroom break during state testing and as a result was forced to sit in her own diarrhvea for a half hour.

4/19 Sixteen Amish women and men charged with beard- and haircutting attacks against fellow Amish pleaded not guilty in an Ohio court.

4/20 A plane carrying 127 people crashed in a residental area near the Islamabad International Airport in Pakistan. There were no survivors.

4/21 A law requiring microchipping for dogs was introduced in the UK.

4/22 A cargo ship carrying fresh supplies, fuel, and research equipment successfully docked with the International Space Station.

4/23 The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte resigned after losing the support of the populist party over budget disagreements.

4/24 Kofi Annan, the UN special envoy in Syria, said that there was an unacceptable amount of violence in the country despite the ceasefire.

4/25 Poachers massacred twenty-two elephants were massacred in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

4/26 10 killed and 15 wounded from two explosions in a popular cafe in Babquba, a mainly Sunni village in one of the most volatile Iraqi regions.

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