Bringing Olin to the World: Artisan’s Asylum

It can be difficult to transition to the “real world” of 9-5 jobs and corporate life after graduating from Olin, but one alum, Gui Cavalcanti (‘09) found that the real world could just as easily adapt to Olin.

Artisan’s Asylum, in Somerville, MA, is a 40,000 sq ft space dedicated to providing tools, classes, and resources to craftsmen, engineers, artists, and creators of all sorts in the community. With 3D printers, welding stations, ingeniously-decorated 100 sq ft “studio workspaces,” and vending machines stocked with Loctite and drillbits, Artisan’s Asylum feels like a strange cross between an MIT dorm and an industrial machine shop.
According to Gui, “Our mission is to make creative expression a way of life for our members – whether it’s starting a business, pursuing a hobby, or learning new skills.”

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The “Anonymity” Policy

The anonymity of the Taboo and Therapy mailing lists at Olin has been sacrosanct in the minds of students for years. Until recently, it appeared that the security of the lists was impenetrable. However, on the weekend of March 5th, an Olin student discovered that the unfiltered archives of all Olin mailing lists (including senders email addresses) had been openly accessible to the world for several years.

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Interview with a Freshman: Cory Dolphin

Ryan Mitchell: So, Cory, tell us about where you grew up.
Cory Dolphin: I grew up in Weston, it’s about 8 miles over. I was only there until I was 10.
RM: Are your parents engineers?
CD: My father has a masters of engineering, but he’s a biophysicist.
RM: Was he excited about you applying to Olin?
CD: Yeah! I mean, my parents wanted me to do whatever I wanted to do. I played with Legos, I played with Kinex, built cranes, I mean, it was pretty clear what my passions were, what direction I was going in. I loved to visit MIT, and I was pretty sure that’s where I wanted to be.
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