OPEN Review: An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

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Okay, if you like sci-fi commentaries on humanity and our unique place in the universe, and you haven’t read this book, please go out and borrow it from a library right now. 

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing is a novel written by the science nerd and face of Crash Course himself, Hank Green, in 2017. It tackles issues of social relations, fame, and media, making meaning in a world that’s constantly changing faster than any of us can keep up with. 

Summary: April May is a young artist trying to pay off her student loans and make it in New York City. When she happens upon a beautiful statue that catches her creative eye, April makes a decision that will change her life forever. hijinks ensue, April faces death, unfathomable dreams, and most frighteningly of all, SOCIAL MEDIA. She wants to make a difference in the world, but she’s desperately balancing between enacting change for better or for worse. 

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing is a deep dive into what makes humanity special: what motivates us, what brings out our best, and what brings out our worst. Hank Green has such a beautiful take on us and all our weird ticks. He picks apart many of the people who are found in our modern society: internet haters, fear mongers, scientists passionate about making a positive difference, political figures, newscasters, rural sheep farmers, and everyone in between, and he does it through the lens of a witty, dramatic 20-something-year-old woman. I love this man so much. 

Oh, and this book is Gay. I guess I should mention that in an OPEN media review. April May is canonically Bisexual and there are other characters that are in our community as well. Hank Green himself is Bi, and I’m all here for the support. The great part about An Absolutely Remarkable Thing is that all the LGBT+ people in this series are deep, fleshed-out characters. They are not “The Gaytm ” best friend, or “The Gaytm ” parents, nah. They are people, who happen to be gay. There is also a character in the sequel (yes there is a sequel, if you read this one, PLEASE read that one too) that is canonically Agender, which warms my AroAceAge heart. 

So if you’re looking for a great read, looking to have a good laugh, solve a few puzzles, and have an existential crisis or two, then I highly suggest that you give this book a glance.

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